24 Apr 2018

What company would be without an App?

49 millions of Italian spend their time on apps. It needs to communicate with them to enrich your own Business

How to advertise a product or a service

A company must love its customers, in the digital era. It needs to adopt irresistible  behaviours so  customers cannot live without their particular brand. Each brand advertise its product with the aim to attract consumers' attention, using four different approaches:

  • Referral Advertising: shows the real features of the product/service so users can identify himself with it and recognize it as a solution for his needs.
  • Mythical Advertising: enhances the extreme product value using specific images and words which carry the consumer in a parallel world, in a dream.
  • Substantial Advertising: enhances critical aspects of the product (quality/price or cost/benefits) by focusing on fundamental information for the consumer in his decision to purchase.
  • Oblique Advertising: here stands the play, irony and passion. It is not important the product but the brand, as the brand manages to communicate directly with consumers.

Consumer. He must be the central point of every business strategy. Although brands use advertising with the aim to convince/engage the user in different ways, the secret to enter in the heart of users is to be ALWAYS at consumers’ disposal and to simplify their everyday life. And what is the best way to always be in the "Pocket" of customer and satisfy his needs at any time?

Mobile only. Mobile app in business strategy

There are people who are called mobile only. It means population who connect with global network only via smartphone, as Mexico or Indonesia, instead other populations use both smartphones and other devices. The main thing is that we use constantly applications to manage our personal, professional and financial life: app to mark our appointments, app for physiological needs, app to monitor our performances or to find out when eating or exercising, app for listening to music, app dedicated to our interests, to book a trip and so on. To meet our specifically needs we must be connected and use different apps, any time and with the maximum simplicity.

We can assert we are at one with apps and companies have to consider this reality because it will last. This is the reason why every company must have its own strategic and creative app developed for people that use to interact with other users instantly, directly and in a personal way.

In this scenario there are app like IM and chatbot, virtual assistant that helps keep the communication with user when he has something to ask about a certain topic or when he wants to just chat. On the other side using chatbot allows companies to cuddle their customers by offering an excellent customer care service, such as done by some major brands as Starbucks, H&M and Nordstrom that are studying chatbots to verify if it can be determining factors in the purchasing process.

App with augmented reality to engages users

Augmented reality is another technology being tested by companies. A Manatt Digital Media report estimates that, by 2020, augmented reality will generate a turnover of 120 billion dollars: in retail the 40% of users is willing to pay more if they have the possibility to try products using augmented reality before buying it and the 60% prefer shops that use augmented reality.

Some brands developed augmented reality apps connected with shopping experience, such as Sephora whose app allows you to try makeup virtually or augmented reality like Ikea app designed for the study of the furniture in a house.

There is no doubt that the majority of our time spent on mobile is spent within an app and companies must develop a mobile application and implement it in their business strategy to:

  • engage customers with Augmented Reality
  • Revolutionize payment system with Fintech
  • Communicate directly with customers
  • Create an interactive Community that speaks on your brand
  • Manage, enrich, personalize content and information to be sent with push notifications
  • Locate the content guiding you towards your business

Each companies knows customers’ needs. Developing an app designed for their needs helps to solidify the link between company and user, increasing the business.

If you want to know more or how you can develop your own app contact us.