Informamuse 18 December 2017

Touch interfaces

Live big events and public spaces with QRouteMe

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What is QRoutMe

QRouteMe® is an InformAmuse’s registered trademark a system designed for large public spaces and immersive events. It offers a modular, multichannel and multimodal integrated system to load information to be used real-time on several channels like apps, web, totem and wall. We use our platform QRouteMe to design and realize interactive digital systems for public or private areas, such as interactive kiosks, digital signage and video wall.

Types of interfaces designed

We develop and design ad-hoc interfaces for totem, kiosk touch screen, interactive films, touch screens, tablets, and smartphones fit on all major operating systems iOS, Android and Windows. Our digital signage and video wall content are also activated from position sensors.

Scope of touch interfaces

Our integrated system is designed for immersive experience in large public spaces such as fairs, cultural heritage sites, shopping areas, big distribution, airports, hospitals and other utilities.

QRouteMe functionality

QRouteMe® has a back-end and front-end side to allow both company and users to interact with the system.


Define paths inside the exhibition space
Analysis and monitoring accesses and interactions
Insert news and advertising




Enjoy fascinating infographics
Access to content in Augmented reality
Gaming and effective user experience


Where we used our totem

From 2011 to 2014 at Vinitaly, in 2012 at London International Wine Fair, at ProWein in Dusseldorf in 2012, at FruitLogistica in Berlin in 2012 and 2013, at Milan EXPO 2015, in the Sicilian town of Bagheria in 2015 and in our Research and Development projects SmartHeritage, BookAlive and Streets in 2016. We will use it in Welcome and Wine and Senses projects on 2018.

totem touch screen utilizzato al vinitaly 2012
totem multimediale per fruitlogistica 2012
touch screen totem
qr-code usato al vinitaly 2013 per i vini di nicosia
touch interfaces per sicilia fruitlogistica 2013