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InforAmuse, since 2018 is a partner of CONFCOMMERCIO (PA) businesses for Italy (Italian General Confederation of businesses, trade or profession and employmen)t representing entrepreneurs and professionals, tourism and services business; in order to protect the interests and to support them in all their activities, to promote the consolidation and growth of their companies.

ISO 9001:2015

Certification ISO 9001:2015

Scope: design, development and assistance in the development of software and computer systems. In 2016,InformAmuse got his first certificate of conformity to international standard ISO 9001. Since then, the company growth thanks to the monitor of quality management system processes.

Rete EEN

Informamuse is part of the EEN network, the largest European network supporting and assisting small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in order to increase the innovative and competitive potential informing them about policies, programs and EU funding.

Polo ICT

Associated with the ICT cluster of Piedmont from 2016. It provides a network for innovative SMEs and start-ups, large companies, research organizations operating in Piedmont. The pole’s goal is to create the best synergies to increase the enterprises competitiveness, identifying resources for research, developing skills, and providing opportunities for business networking.

Spin Off

Since 2010 InformAmuse is an academic spin-off of University of Palermo. Informamuse is a company using and developing new products and services  arising out from University Research, through a proper technology transfer process.

Manufacturing District of Mechatronics in Sicily

InformAmuse is among the 148 companies highly specialized in the Manufacturing District of Mechatronics in Sicily. The district aims to develop a cross border area, which ranks among auto mechanics, electronics and informatics fields

Supplier in Electronic Market Public Administration

Since 2013 InformAmuse is supplier in Electronic Market Public Administration (MEPA), in Technical Support and Maintenance Services, Software, ICT Services, Enterprise & Specialized System,  Information & Communication Technology Services, and ICT infrastructure sections.

Fornitore Sintel Piattaforma di e-procurement della Regione Lombardia

Since 2014 InformAmuse is Sintel e-procurement platform of Lombardy supplier. It aims to create an Online brokerage system supporting Lombardy Region and all Lombardy’s public administrations in their contracts implementation.