Informamuse 22 January 2018

Augmented reality

Immersive and engaging digital experiences for your customers

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What is augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology designed to overlay virtual elements to reality. Users can interact with these elements through a device. Real and virtual worlds offer immersive and emotional experiences to customers, unexplored and creative spaces, booming a new market all over the world.

What we do with augmented reality

We design and develop augmented reality Apps for iOS and Android mobile devices and wearable next generation devices such as viewers and 3D glasses. Our Augmented reality apps incorporate geo-referenced contents through the recognition of markers or via beacon.

Scope of augmented reality

We customize, according to customer's requirements, our augmented reality apps thanks to our focus on User Experience. Our augmented reality innovative solutions can offer interesting scenarios in tourism, food & wine, architecture and interior design, game advertising, fashion, automotive, cultural enjoyment and much more.

Augmented Reality Apps can animate:

3D Objects or products
Models and 3D Rendering
Tutorials or 3D videos
3D Graphics
Virtual reconstruction
Virtual Guides for museums and galleries
Internet of Things

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What can you do with augmented reality?