Informamuse 28 February 2018

Blockchain Networks and Related Services

Our expertise available to innovate your Business Products adding Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Technologies

blockchain illustration

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a Technology developed to facilitate the management of transactions between two or more parties, recorded on a Distributed Ledger over different network nodes.
The transaction history is archived in each block that needs to be validated by the network nodes to be added to the chain.
Cryptographic technologies, which ensure data integrity and deny access to those who do not have proper permissions, allow to obtain a safe, transparent and unchanging Blockchain.

Services based on Blockchain

The new models related to Blockchain are deeply changing the economic system, particularly the concepts of transaction, property and trust. Financial processes generally require several authorization stages from third party authorities. These steps may be redefined using Blockchain technology. they can be used to different processes and services like Banks, Mass Distribution, or Retail.

Document Certification
Certify on blockchain your documents to make them immutable

Use blockchain to verify identity in a transaction

Supply Chain
Use the blockchain to certify assets and their movements

Loyalty Cards
Certify loyalty programs for your customers

Build your wallet for e-money exchanges based on blockchain


Industry IoT
Use Blockchain to track repair and maintenance logs


Sectors which use Blockchain Technology

Insurance contract execution and verification

Identity management, financial management, online polling, regulatory compliance, and much more

Internet of Things
Secure communication and data certification exchanged between intelligent devices


Monetary trade, exchanges, transfers

Trace patient's entries on medical records and monitor accesses and credentials

Solutions for direct distribution of content (music, video, etc.) and protection of intellectual property


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