25 Apr 2018

InformAmuse joins the Linux Foundation e Hyperledger

2018 is the breakthrough year for the Blockchain Company, InformAmuse. The company has joined, Hyperledger an open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation, that has the aim to promote the collaborative development of enterprise blockchain software.


April, 25th 2018, Palermo. Marco Di Marco, CMO of Blockchain Company InformAmuse, explained the reason why he decided to join Hyperledger  and the goals pursued by using Hyperledger Fabric technology.

“The main distinctive points of our Company are evolution and innovation. We invest constantly on Research & Development to guarantee better services for national and international market. This is why we decided to have a partnership with JujoTech, an American company that develop digital solutions and promote InformAmuse’s services in other countries. Our interest to Distributed Ledger Technology, as Blockchain, allows us to create a productive environment with the intent to offer innovative products to new niche markets, to identify the arising needs, and to have an important impact on the future challenges while Hyperledger is the future.”

InformAmuse e Hyperledger Fabric

Being  a part of The Linux Foundation increases the value of the company and offers the opportunity to provide new ICT Solutions with a great technological impact. We adopted a Permissioned Ledger technology because it’s efficient and protected: the author who inserts data is responsible for the management of his own data so it is not needed a mechanism for consensus. This system allows a rapid and elevated Smart Contract execution thus the technology is powerful, fast and closer to business needs.

We are proud and excited to be  part of The Linux Foundation and Hyperledger  because we can use the Hyperledger Fabric implementation for our Blockchain Meditchain, a complex system of clearing and settlement of transactions, network traffic and its industrial added value, a network and a consortium that triggers a virtuous process where the technological element is one of the major drivers to add value for all parties in the Consortium.

Hyperledger Fabric impacts traditional Business models

Hyperledger offers different software options headed for business applications that allows us to:

  • create safe environment in which supply chains and companies are able to exchange product and/or services privately to create new business networks
  • create encrypted channels visible and accessible only by a subset of nodes
  • make 1.000 transactions every second to aggregate all the subjects of the system
  • use Chaincode, a metalanguage written in Go or other programming language to manage Smart
  • Contracts
  • configure consensus and membership services

Different niches of the market are choosing private Blockchains to accelerate traceability and reduce the intermediary in different business models. Hyperledger Fabric and Meditchain represent ways to meet the challenges of the future using ICT Solutions with a great technological impact.

The  main goals are  to reduce business cost and complexity through decentralisation, to guarantee trust, transparency and accountability in a distributed world.