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InformAmuse is a Blockchain Company, ready to help SMEs to develop projects requiring Blockchain Technologies and Distributed Ledger Technologies and it is specialized in ICT services (Information and Communication Technologies). The company was born in 2009 as an academic spin-off of the Department of Computer Science Engineering of the University of Palermo after winning the StartCup Palermo Award. InformAmuse became an authorized Apple and Android developer and since 2010 creates ICT solutions based on patented technological innovations. Since 2016 InformAmuse is an innovative SME certified and has the ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification.


InformAmuse has incorporated a group of developers, in its own Research and Development department, focused to explore, experiment and test the value chain of the new Blockchain Technology and, from 2018, it is General Member of Hyperledger an open source community aiming to offer high-tech services thanks to the use of the Hyperledger Fabric framework.

To date, InformAmuse has three offices in Italy, located in Palermo, in Milan and in Turin and a partnership with JuJo, a US based company, with headquarter in Boulder. We develop innovative projects and advanced technological solutions leading organizations and companies in digital evolution, both private and public.


Our team is highly specialized with continuous updates to develop innovative solutions and next generation software compatible with all operating systems and devices (mobile, desktop and wearable devices). Our team combines several skills to propose projects responding the ongoing technological developments and market needs. 

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Thanks to our technical and high-tech skills and our experience in marketing and communication we are able to meet the technological challenges and to assist companies in digital transformation. We design and develop innovative and customized ICT solutions for specific needs, allowing your company to be competitive in the market and side by side touser's new consumption habits.

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