Informamuse 6 December 2017


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Established in 2013 in USA, Jujo Inc. (Boulder, Colorado) is InformAmuse commercial partner for North America. The two companies operate jointly to provide high-value, innovative product development to US customers. InformAmuse powers Jujo superior project management with Italian quality user experience design and state of the art software development. Full stack web development, cloud based computing and orchestration, mobile app design and implementation. InformAmuse and Jujo collaborate in some project: GuyGunter, Nuvola.


Ubiquitous Systems and Interfaces (USI Group) is the research group belongs to the DIID (Department of Industry and Digital Innovation) at the Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy.
The collaboration with the associate professor Antonio Gentile, the Research Associate Salvatore Sorce and the PhDs in computer engineering allows to develop new user interface and IoT Devices Management Systems.

E. Lab S.r.l.

E. Lab S.r.l. provides integrated consulting services with high technological value in the following areas: Remote Sensing, Drones, GISs, Environmental Consulting. The two companies operate jointly into Research and Development projects in the National and International field.


Ingenico Group is the leader company in the field of design and development of e-payment terminals and solutions. Thanks to the collaboration with Igenico, InformAmuse realizes e-payment system applications.