13 Feb 2018

Online the new InformAmuse’s website, just one of the many new features

To keep pace with technological progresses, we must continually evolve. We present to you our new website, just one of the many new features for 2018.

our ict solutions

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”, using the words of Alan Kay, the American  computer scientist. 

Our challenge for the new year is: put together the future with visionary customers who love to get involved and always aim to reach higher levels with new digital solutions that respond to new and constantly evolving market needs.  Technological innovation always excites us and experiment with new technologies is something that we just don’t want to give up.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our new website https://www.informamuse.com.
Why is it new? Because we propose new ICT Solutions to be used in new application areas.

The website is responsive, to guarantee a perfect use of all content from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet, totem) and it is designed with particular attention to the  user experience. It is fast and easy to browse, it is constantly updated and it is in two languages in order to communicate with partners and customers overseas.

The website redesign is another important  piece of new events involving InformAmuse in the latest months of 2017: the  Jujo Inc. partnership (we work together to develop projects in the US market), the entry of new partners into the capital and the launch of a new industrial division in Fintech (with the development of Blockchain technologies, EFT/POS terminals software, and a particular attention to PSD2, the new legislation).

Marco Di Marco, the new Informamuse’s Member and Head of Marketing declares: “I'm glad and proud to be part in the renovation process undertaken by InformAmuse company with my own experiences and skills in Fintech and ICT services representing an added value.

There are many technological challenges that we must tackle in a highly competitive and wide market where only the best and the fastest wins. Otherwise, InformAmuse’s skills are a good fuel to reach the new goals of the ICT trends in Italy, in Europe and the U.S.”

We consolidate innovative projects whose the added value is the convergence of  human, cultural and technological elements. We are talking about web apps and mobile app development, touch interfaces and augmented reality app design for iOS and Android mobile and  next generation wearable devices like 3D glasses, with different application fields, from cultural heritage use to design, from publishing to automotive industry.

We love to implement new services and to improve the old facilities to follow the new technological trends with disruptive potential: industry 4.0, IoT, mixed reality, blockchain.

The Manager Antonella Santangelo declares: we are ready to tackle a new challenge and to start with solids assumptions: our technical expertise and our willpower, the opening to the American market and the entry of a new partner who is an expert in Fintech. We will face new challenges of ICT with a renewed spirit and the grit that distinguish us.

Antonio GENTILE – CEO, InformAmuse: ”At InformAmuse we are engaged in an on-going renewal process, where R&D processes continuously evolve beyond the State of the Art. We strive to adapt to ever changing market and customer needs, keeping our offer always aligned with the most current ICT technology. In this process, InformAmuse personnel and partners have a central role in the Company success. We are pleased to announce today the new website and technologies that InformAmuse offers to their customers. We also welcome our new partner, Marco Di Marco, whose extended management experience and knowledge in Fintech represents new important assets for InformAmuse path to a successful scale up in the global market.”
A new challenge involves InformAmuse towards 2020. Follow us!