06 Mar 2018


Delimits a virtual border and capture your customers localized device. The service that is thrilling companies and marketers.


Geofence it’s an invisible boundary track to monitor the traffic of users who transit within that limit.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a service that uses geo-location within a large area to engage and communicate with people who are inside this bubble and to design tailored  business strategies. Unlike the beacon that can be used only for limited distances, geofencing works up to a distance of 200 meters. 

How can we use geofencing?

Three easy steps to operate:

  1. The developer establishes into a specific distance limit in the GPS or RFID enabled software
  2. Customers must download the owner’s geofence mobile app and they have to activate Wi-Fi, GPS and location services.
  3. Companies are able to monitors user traffic within the defined area, to send push notifications, text messages, notices, advertisements on the major social networks, to get data and much more.

What kind of advantages can we get?

The advantages of geofencing are many and interrelated. Studies confirm that the conversion rate for campaigns sent via geofencing is superior to traditional marketing campaigns. 

More opportunities for engagement. Your real time messages sent become more relevant and engaging to users who are truly interested in your products/services. This is the reason your marketing strategy will be more effective spending less money. Monitoring only  the affected users you'll get specific data about the traffic, proximity to your place of purchase, the time spent and  you can send instant messages, coupons and targeted offers to your customers, creating more engagement. Geofencing represents the missing link between the campaigns and the effects on the consumer.

Do you want to know what's going on around your store and how can you attract more customers?