07 Feb 2018


Italian economy heart more competitive thanks new technologies

iot agroalimentare


Agricolture 4.0 is  worth about 100 million euros in Italy.

The Smart AgriFood Observatory's search results of Milan Politecnico Management School and the RISE Lab of the University of Brescia show the enormous potential of agribusiness  (Made in Italy) related to IoT (Internet of things),  technological food innovations, Big Data and artificial intelligence.

To innovate “Made in Italy”’s food is a strategic challenge because it means bringing innovation to the heart of the Italian economy. Made in Italy in the agro-industrial sector is a strong market that made Italy famous all around the world. “The food’s challenge is a challenge that-as Philip Renga, Director of the Observatory Smart Agrifood supports– we have to win on some very specific topics: quality, traceability, sustainability, food security, identity respect and development. All in the name of efficiency.”


The value of Made in Italy agrifood

Digital Innovation in the agro-industrial sector would ensure competitiveness in one of the key areas for the Italian economy which contributes to over 11% of GDP and 9% on export. Thanks to data and analytics, Internet of Things and processing and user interface software systems, it can reduced the cost of manufacturing of high quality products, grow revenues through greater recognition or guarantee and  using anti-counterfeiting systems or guaranteed food traceability chains.

Currently in Italy less than 1% of agricultural cultivated land takes advantage of new technologies this is why lack of skills and of knowledge about benefits. Furthermore even if Companies using technological innovations, only 11% enables the Internet of Things (IoT).

The overall Smart Agrifood  market  exceeds 4bilion euros in the global market while Italy is  worth about 100 million euros.

IOT of field and Big Data to innovate Italian food 

Some possible applications include IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, drones for data collection and logistics subsidiary, smart labels that accompany product packaging to tell its story from raw materials and the role of involved actors. The value lies in the ability to turn these data into knowledge for all actors and for consumers to benefit with quality products.

Internet of Farming

Data and accuracy. We talk about Internet of Farming that takes advantage of all possible sources of data, putting in value the IoT (Internet of things) thanks to Big Data to save time and resources, improve product quality and bring improvements to the environment and to people's work.