29 Jan 2018


Interaction with the reality has already changed and companies must exploit the AR potential

realtà aumentata

Virtual reality and augmented reality in recent years took over and continue to grow incessantly. Virtual reality places the user in a fictitious and parallel world while augmented reality overlays virtual to reality in real time in an overwhelming way.

Last developments introduces a new technology called Mixed Reality that will change our purchasing behaviors and also our way to interact with objects, both in everyday life like at work, getting together  physical and digital information and linking all five senses.

Why companies must evolve in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is having his way in all sectors, from marketing to factory, facilitating in a smart way employees and specialists work.

AR and VR technologies will evolve into computerized platforms used by smartphones and tablets, essential tools to be connected in global network nowadays. It’s impossible to not include in our business strategy Augmented Reality devices and applications to guarantee a more immersive use on spaces and products/services.

Automotive Industry is already augmented reality

2018 will be augmented reality’s year, we have no doubts. Investments and competitions between companies producing device will always be growing. One area that is focusing a lot on this new technology is the automotive industry. To take advantage of augmented reality it needs Smart glasses, simply smart viewers that store information about objects, internal or external spaces, by using sensors, accessible by users through applications, voice, video, or images in an autonomous way.

BMW, Ford, Lamborghini have taken advantage of this wave of innovation involving workers and customers from planning phase to purchase phase. They offer services that can display the car in its entirety by wearing a simple Viewer. The mechanic will display video tutorials, images or pop ups about maintenance staying focused on his work and the customer will access the information about all cars’ different components or driving it as in a Formula 1 circuit, directly in the show room.