Informamuse 2 February 2018

Digitema Project

Digitize historical memory with new web technologies

Digitema aims to digitize the historical memory of the Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele of Palermo and to realize an innovative infrastructure software based on web technology that allows the digital use of this archive on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), from fixed locations and through holographic installations.

The project aims to define and implement a sector for the digitization and use of the materials contained in archives and / or deposits of institutions, centers and organizations operating in the artistic, cultural, entertainment fields and cultural goods in general : the parties hold in fact historical archives and warehouses, often with large amounts of contents, coming from the activity they have done over the years and which are therefore the historical memory.

Digital access to content could allow the  useful bases information definition for new applications in innovative fields such as in tourism for the definition of navigable virtual paths on three-dimensional scene or in education to create learning modules.

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