Informamuse 2 February 2018

BookAlive Project

Digitize historic book to allow knowledge transfer

Preserving and making available contents of a library or a historical archive is considered today a priority and a strategic element for the dissemination of culture and overcoming the digital divide.  This is the aim of the BookAlive Project , designed and led by InformAmuse Srl as part of the DD436 13/03/2013 – Notice for the presentation of projects for the support of START UP Line 2:  CULTURE IMPACT INCREASED. Field: Digital Cultural Heritage

How many tourists visit libraries or historical archives? It is not very far from the truth to say very few. And yet, Libraries and Archives contain true treasures about the history of a people. The main reason is that the books cannot be visited: they are delicate, precious, unique. It is not possible, in most cases, to touch them, leaf through them, look at them.

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