Informamuse 2 February 2018

Comune di Bagheria – Bagheria

Digital system for Rural Tourism

Customer: Bagheria city | Service: Web app and Touch Interfaces development | Year: 2015

totem per scoprire la città di bagheria
schermata della home del totem touch screen bagheria
bagheria schermata home
schermata delle ricette di bagheria


We developed a digital system dedicated to rural tourism to promote Bagheria, a little town near Palermo.

With our interactive totem you’re able to:

Know the history
Obtain information about locations, sites, picnic areas, areas for trekking and biking
Know where to eat traditional plates
Know agricultural activities
Be updated on the weather in real time

By QRouteMe® the system performs:

A 32 inch interactive touch screen platform
An interactive indoor totem
The QR code to access mobile-optimized websites

The system is placed in Bagheria at Informations Centre and at Touristic hospitality.