Informamuse 2 February 2018

LookOut s.r.l. – Capofaro

Discover and experience Capofaro with an app

Customer: LookOut s.r.l. | Service: Mobile app and Augmented Reality development | Year: 2015

vuscari app

We developed Capofaro iOS app to discover and to experience Capofaro Malvasia & Resort, a wonderful resort placed in Tasca d’Almerita in Salina’s isle.
The Resort overlooks Stromboli and Panarea, is surrounded by Malvasia vines and vineyards which you can view with augmented reality for an immersive and interactive experience.

The resort is encircled by nature and relaxation as a synonym for sophisticated and customized Mediterranean hospitality and icon of Sicilian quality wine.

The iPad app allows you to discover the Made of Sicily path, the history and the soul of a family that enhance the Aeolian products, in harmony and continuity between Capofaro and the Tascas, the seals and the people who live there.

With Capofaro app you can discover:

  • Malvasia
  • vines and vineyards
  • Malvasia Capofaro
  • Dydime wine
  • Resort and restourant

The mobile app developed in Italian and English language was installed on client’s device.