Informamuse 2 February 2018

Informamuse s.r.l. – SmartEating

The Smart food!

Service: Mobile app, Web app and Augmented Reality development | Year: 2016

smarteating app
backend smarteating


The mobile guide helps you to discover Palermo’s food, a centuries-old culture unique in the world that you must explore to really know the city. With this Smart app users can find closer places where eat and drink also in augmented reality mode just activating the camera.

We developed SmartEating app using Open Data. It includes also functionalities to “suggest an eating-place”  and “Promote your place” usable by who wants to add more info or suggest new places to promote commercial activities.

It is interactive and uses:

Augmented Reality


It includes a Back-end system for business users who can manage personal content about his local and update them in real time.

The Mobile app is developed for smartphones and smartwatches.