Informamuse 2 February 2018

SmartHeritage Project

Enhance the artistic and cultural heritage

Smart Heritage is a project dedicated to Italian tourism that aims to enhance the cultural and artistic heritage of Sicily. 

Everything comes from an ambitious idea, as part of Augmented Impact Culture, with a budget of 711,000 Euro in the two years of the Research: making a pilot product for immersive use, geolocation and the increase of cultural experience of the tourist visit, through the use of the best technology and the development of advanced solutions.

We are working to the realization of digital narrative objects, for smartphones and tablets, in a position to revive places and artistic heritage, also through the use of geolocation, augmented reality and panoramic views of 360 ° overlapping on the screen at the sight of the tourist. Systems being at the intersection among culture, its narration and technology of digital use, to facilitate and assist in the enjoyment of the cultural experience.

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