Informamuse 27 March 2024


Virtual reality and artificial intelligence supporting port operators in handling and maintaining machinery

A groundbreaking aims to harness virtual reality and artificial intelligence to transform port procedures, with a primary focus on enhancing safety within the maritime sector.

The project

The main objective of the project is to utilize modern virtual reality and artificial intelligence techniques to support port operators in handling and maintaining machinery.

The project will focus on developing a software system connected to a 3D interface capable not only of displaying specific information necessary for training but also potentially implementable as a Digital Twin to autonomously manage cargo hold operations on ships, simulating the behavior of a dockside machine in every operational kinematics of ship loading operations.

Alongside this training solution, a software solution will be provided to support the operator, allowing them to perform maintenance workflows supported by a hands-free head-mounted wearable device. These workflows will enable the operator to periodically capture images of critical points of the machinery, serving as input for processing algorithms that will provide reports on system degradation.

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