Informamuse 1 February 2018

Sintesi Unipa – Vuccirì

The Voice of University of the Study of Palermo

Customer: Sintesi Unipa | Service: Mobile app development | Year: 2015

app vuccirì

The mobile app Vuccirì uses the images of Guttuso’s painting “La Vucciria” to show scientific research at the University of Palermo and to disseminate its scientific activity.

Vuccirì is the Voice of University for Culture and Communication and it represents a journey through the research projects and educational offered from the five schools in the University of Palermo.
You can browse:

  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Health
  • Society
  • Sea and Fishing
  • Energy and Environment
  • ICT
  • Culture and Traditions
  • Innovative materials
  • Models and Systems

The Project and the painting “La Vucciria” were hosted by Expo 2015 inside the  Italian pavilion and the mobile app Vuccirì is the icon of Palermo University.