13 Dec 2018

Our presence at Blockchain Master directed by Professor Roberto Garavaglia

Together to develop innovative solutions and increase the value of services designed for final consumers and market operators.

Our team is highly specialized with continuous updates to build innovative solutions based on latest technologies. This is why the Experis Academy chose us to administrate the Blockchain Master’s teaching.

InformAmuse at Blockchain Master

The Engineer Gioacchino Vaiana flies to Bergamo to apply his technical skills in the field blockchain.
Gioacchino, our Blockchain expert, is continuously updated to build innovative solutions in the field of blockchain. His determination and his passion for new technologies enabled him to create, with the help of the rest of technical team, the permissioned Meditchain Blockchain network used as a base for the Meditchain Consortium’s infrastructure – “The Mediterranean Blockchain”.

After helding the course “Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric Technologies” for the participants of the Meditchain network, it is an honour for us to see the Engineer Vaiana hold the teaching alongside the expert in Blokckchain and Digital Payments Roberto Garavaglia.

High-education Blockchain Master

The Blockchain Master , organized by Experis Academy, is focused on engineers and professionals’ talent growth in the field blockchain and Information Technology and is held in synergy between InformAmuse, Meditchain and Airpim, at the Kilometrorosso headquarters in Bergamo. The main topics will be:

  • The fundamentals of Blockchain
  • Theory and techniques of Distributed Computing
  • Technological development scenarios analysis
  • Cross-industry strategic development sectors
  • Regulation and legal aspects
  • The Blockchain’s potential
  • Sustainability of investments in block chain projects
  • Employment in government contexts
  • The future of cryptocurrencies

Companies, students and experts will design new solutions in the field of blockchain. The Master will have a duration of 200 hours and is for of 20 participants, at maximum. Sign up, here.