Hi-tech solutions designed for the mass distribution circuit

Phygital Supermarket

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Hi-tech solutions, designed to provide a personalized shopping experience and improve store management, connects brands and users integrating App, CMS and POS App.

Know your users and recommend them  in the purchase phase 
Manage data and create targeted promotions
Use cashless systems and get automated cost report

By using front-end capabilities user can:

Receive custom offers  
Express preferences about habits and food
Scan products in real time to get more info
View his points balance and the awards catalog

Back-end side allows you to:

Sell more
Improve brand perception
Get transparent purchases


Choose our mass distribution circuit solutions allows using  cashless payments accessible on Smartphones. Optimize user experience, build a bond with your customers, present your brand and get data to increase your turnover.

The system can be used by iOS and Android mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, macs, desktops and EFT/POS.