SmarEating, the mobile APP for food and wine discovery of Palermo.
SmartEating helps you discover the tasty world of food in Palermo. A unique culture in the world to explore for a real experience of the city.


Our new app for smartphones joins, a project in which supply and demand meet and work with a simple click. The “crafts platform” arrives on mobile!


PeopleCooks is the APP of
PeopleCoooks gets in touch People and Cooks. Cooks make places in its private table at home available to the People at lunch and dinner. Through the App the guest can choose where to lunch or dinner. Look Around, City Search and Navigator are functionalities of the App.


A journey through the research projects and educational offer of the five schools in the University of Palermo.


The App came with the visitor to discover objects produced in silver, ivory and coral in the style of “Scuola Palermitana” during the exhibition “Sicilia ritrovata. Arti decorative dai Musei Vaticani e dalla Santa Casa di Loreto”.

Sicilia Fruitlogistica 2013

An app to learn about and explore the Sicilian agricultural goodness, during the event FruitLogistica – Berlin 2013.

Sicilia Wine Cloud

The App came with the visitors to discover Sicilian wines from 2011 to 2014 during the Vinitaly.


Interactive guide to the ancient theaters and archaeological sites Akrai and Ferento.


The App comes with you to visite a beautiful castle in the center of Sicily.


The App comes with you to discover the Cappella Palatina, the best example in the world of Arab-Norman style.